Statewide, VDOT maintains more than 48,000 lane miles* of secondary highway. These roads are usually found in residential areas, and can range from winding gravel roads to manicured subdivision streets. However, while there are several different types of secondary roads, VDOT's maintenance goals are the same for all of them: we strive to provide a smooth road with well-maintained shoulders to make your travel safe and efficient.

Crews from local VDOT offices are responsible for road maintenance in their respective areas. This includes mowing, snow removal, pothole patching and many other activities. Contractors are sometimes hired to assist our VDOT crews when needed, and may complete paving jobs and other roadwork that requires specialized equipment.

VDOT wants to provide you and your neighbors with information about the work we do, including our responsibilities and processes, and what you can expect when work is planned in your neighborhood because we’re all in this together.

*One mile of every travel lane on a roadway equals one lane mile.


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